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Glaciers are burning - El Chaltén, Patagonia

On January 8, 9 and 10, a hundred hectares of forest were burned in a few hours. Thanks to the work of ICE patrolmen and volunteers who have been on the field for 2 days and after the mobilization of a hydroplane, the fire has been contained.

Just one year ago, the Boana team, together with Chaltén volunteers and park workers, carried out sampling at exactly this area of the Vuelta del Huemul, which is more and more frequented by tourists, to measure the signs of human impact on the park's waters.

Today, this fire is a sad reminder that the ecosystems of this World Heritage Site are highly vulnerable to drought (accelerated by climate change) and human impacts related to recreational use of the park.

Despite the increase in tourism in El Chaltén in recent years, we see no action to expand resources and budget for hazard prevention and response services in the National Park.

The third largest freshwater reserve in the world needs resources to be protected #ArdenLosGlaciares

Map: André Barbosa Tavares

Source: Infrared views of 2/01/23 and 10/01/23 before and after the fire.

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