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Learn more about our projects in El Chaltén, South Patagonia.

Focus areas

Participatory planning and management of protected areas

Participative management of protected areas is one of our flagship topics: we seek to challenge "vacuum conserved" nature management models to offer a transparent, inclusive, multidisciplinary and results-focused approach.


Making the link between management plans, evolving realities and community interactions is essential to achieve objectives of biodiversity conservation projects.

Defense of the territory and biocultural heritages

The defense of territory and biocultural heritages is a priority field of action for the guarantee of human rights, the preservation of the environment and the protection of living beings.


We seek to support social and environmental justice movements in order to promote the actions of those who fight for the protection of their environment. 


Climate change adaptation

Climate change unequally affects territories and their inhabitants. The most vulnerable societies must strengthen their adaptation capacities in order to increase their resilience.


Climate change adaptation implies, first of all, knowing  and be aware of exposure to the risks caused by climate change. It is then a matter of formulating and implementing actions to limit the impacts on human beings but also on the environment. 


Agroecology & social and
and solidarity economies

Production systems such as agroecology and social and solidarity economy initiatives are one of the entry points for the fight against climate change, inequalities and biodiversity loss.


Economies must be transformed and we have the power, at the local level, to promote actions of cooperation and peasant solidarity necessary for the sobriety of modes of consumption.

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