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They talk about Boana

Boana is part of international networks and alliances for the protection of mountain ecosystems. Our partners support us in many projects, and they write about it. We hereby share their articles.

The Mountain Partnership - Member's Voices

The Mountain Partnership – the United Nations alliance dedicated to mountains – is all about working together for sustainable mountain development around the world. Our vast and diverse membership counts over 500 members to date, across governments, intergovernmental organizations and civil society. 

In this latest Members' Voices feature, the Mountain Partnership Secretariat interviews Marie Anière-Martínez, Co-founder of Boana in Patagonia, Argentina.

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Waterkeepers Chaltén: Water Conservation Project Led by Young Women

Guardianes de la Cuenca El Chaltén is a local water advocacy project led by young women dedicated to water conservation. We seek to transform the local water governance of one of the largest water reserves in the world. We involve young people through water conservation training and environmental rights workshops.

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