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Defending biodiversity and biocultural heritage

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We work in El Chaltén, Patagonia Argentina, since our creation.

Our focus is on participative water management, community monitoring of ecosystems, agroecology and climate change adapation in mountains.

Who is Boana ?

Boana Punctata is the name of an amphibian species native to the equatorial region of South America. This frog, whose name we have adopted, revolutionized knowledge about terrestrial fluorescence. Boana is the first known case of fluorescence in an amphibian.

For humans, this original characteristic is invisible to the naked eye. We can only perceive its nocturnal glow through ultra-violet light. Boana’s world cannot be grasped without broadening our knowledge and perceptions.


Boana reminds us that our societies' perception of the environment is often incomplete and inspires us humility and openness. 


Broadening our perceptions and knowledge allows us to understand and protect environmental and cultural diversities.

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Our vision

Initiatives disconecting communities from their environment reinforce the myth of the separation between humans and nature. As long as we have a dual vision, we will not be able to face the challenges of climate change, massive biodiversity loss, health crises, social, political and economic crises.

The association seeks to support communities and institutions in the development of socio-environmental projects. We carry out multidisciplinary diagnostics highlighting the links of dependence and correlation between social and environmental justice. 

Boana contributes to exploring imaginaries and developing concrete actions with its partners.

How do we do it?

Providing project management support to develop the capacity of local entities for projects with greater social and ecological value.

 Promoting multidisciplinary research on fundamental issues for thinking and designing the sustainability of socio-ecosystems

Supporting experimental and innovative projects to promote their development and ensure their sustainability

Mobilizing stakeholders and resources by designing and facilitating participatory collective initiatives for higher impact activities.

Monitoring and measuring the evolution and impact of these projects in order to increase their potential and influence public policy.

Our team

Boana is an association led by young women from different continents.

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