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Guardians of the Basin - El Chaltén is an activist program that combines citizen observations, graphic activism and advocacy initiatives for access to environmental information. 

We demand transparency of information about the ecological status of the sub- Las Vueltas and Túnel river basins, as sources of one of the largest freshwater reserves in the world.

Act for the defense of the waters 

Application to disseminate  citizen observations

We encourage the use of tools for access to public information and the integration of community knowledge for planning and water conservation.


We developed a pilot application so that residents and visitors can transmit their observations on the risks of threats to water 

 - such as spills of substances, odors, illegal construction, environmental anomalies, etc. The marked points are publicly disseminated on a regularly updated map available on our website.

Demand active transparency from institutions 

To protect our beautiful territory and the common good that is fresh water, we need to understand and monitor the ecological state of the ecosystems that make up and surround El Chaltén.

We request the institutions responsible for the transmission of public information to interested citizens, in application of the regulations and in accordance with the environmental rights of all.

Make visible the protection of aquatic ecosystems

We mobilize graphic activism in public awareness events using the power of images to disseminate challenges related to the state of El Chalten's aquatic ecosystems and the importance of their preservation.

We support the involvement of  illustrators and graphic designers for the dissemination of local issues around water management. 

Guardianes App - Insta - POST 3.png

Download the application for citizen observation of the waters


Join Guardians of the Basin

Guardianes de la Cuenca

We build and make information visible in community 

Who does not know their environment and the state of its environmental components cannot make sound management decisions or provide an informed opinion. 

From Boana we want to facilitate the dissemination of public information about the environment. For this, we elaborate thematic maps to synthesize knowledge and untangle the game of the actors in charge of water management. We seek to demonstrate the need for transparent coordination between actors to solve the socio-environmental problems of the sub-basins in relation to water management. 

collaborative maps


We seek and promote good water management practices

We create spaces for dialogue to promote the emergence of good practices from the citizenry. We disseminate inspiring actions to be able to think about a desirable future around the protection of aquatic ecosystems. 

Individual and collective actions are necessary to consolidate the defense of the common good and reconfigure our relationship with this element.

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Support for environmental justice 

We support environmental protections by providing information, coordinating and looking for international cases to consolidate the application of socio-environmental rights.

We support the amparo case for the water treatment plant through citizen mobilization, the request for information and the request to cease contamination.


legal kit

Citizen monitoring through the app


We created a citizen monitoring device to allow reporting situations of environmental risk or direct threats to the waters of the region. Download the app ArcGis Survey 123 oClick here to join the Cuenca Guardians network. Once installed, scan the QR code or click the link above again.

If you have any questions, consult our tutorial or download the instructions. 

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Sanitary alert in El Chaltén

The inhabitants of El Chaltén, local environmental associations, health center professionals and CONICET researchers are warning about the environmental consequences of tourism overload. In this small Patagonian town nestled in Los Glaciares National Park, at the foot of the most famous peaks in the world, the community warns about water contamination and the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria caused by poor wastewater management by the state-owned company SPSE.

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